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The Loudoun County Cover-Up Gets Darker Than We Ever Imagined



In the midst of an extremely tight race for Governor, Loudoun County School District in Virginia has been rife with controversy over their policies from critical race theory to masks to sexual assault allegations. 

This week, according to the Daily Wire Virginia judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence that a transgendered teen girl assaulted a biologically gendered teen girl in the girl’s bathroom at a public high school in Loudon County. The teen girl (Smith) reported her assault to her school leadership but no legal action was taken. The transgendered teen who allegedly assaulted Smith was simply transferred to another school. According to Fox news, the alleged assailant was charged with forced sodomy and sexual battery as well as forcible felacio.

The Smith family has been through a lot with Loudon County schools with Scott Smith (the teen’s father) being arrested at a school board meeting when he accused the district of covering up his daughter’s assault. Just before arresting Smith, the Superintendent of schools, Scott Ziegler, stated for the record that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and that to his knowledge, “we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.” The non-existent predator, who the Smiths and their daughter reported at the time of the incident, has now been convicted of their crimes and will be facing sentencing soon.The school board lectured Smith that he was creating a “red herring” and that they had “0 bathroom incidents” even though they had transferred the now-convicted predator to another school. 

The left was quick to use the footage of the arrests as an example of scary republicans trying to overthrow governments and hurt progress. No mention in the leftist coverage that the outrage was over the sexual assault of a young girl being systematically covered up.

But Smith did know about an incident in a bathroom at one of his schools. In fact, email evidence shows he knew about the specific incident with Smith’s daughter. So when he rudely, firmly, and piously denied the incident in the face of Smith who was grieving the loss of his daughter’s sense of safety and wellbeing, is it any wonder that Smith reacted in anger? Not only did he continue to deny his knowledge of the event he had the hubris to have Scott arrested. 

Loudoun County was so concerned with defending their transgendered bathroom policy (which allows any student to use the bathroom of their choosing) that they decided to pretend that any allegation against a transindividual must be false. Instead of believing a young girl who had been harmed, they chose to stick to their inane political agenda fearing that the crime of any transindividual is somehow an indictment of the entire trans community. Believe all women indeed.

Because of Loudon County school’s decision to transfer the alleged predator to another school instead of appropriately removing them from contact with other children, the individual assaulted another student at the new school. 

Loudoun County students have planned a walk out in solidarity with their assaulted peers.

If that wasn’t enough, this week the Daily Caller has reported that Loudon County is now requiring parents to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to view the curriculum their children will be learning in the coming years. The program is created by the company, Second Step, which is a left-leaning curriculum producer known for its critical race theory. Teachers have already begun resigning over the curriculum because they believe it tells children that their parents are obstacles to a better future and encourages radical activism. 

Republican candidate for Governor Glenn Youngkin has called for Ziegler’s resignation. But Ziegler seems to have no intention of resigning after he allowed a teen victim’s rape to go unpunished, protected a predator, and allowed another student to be assaulted.