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Hillary’s Huma Just Dropped A Bombshell



You probably didn’t realize that Huma Abedin, longtime Hillary Clinton top aide, released a book this week. In her book Huma takes jabs at President Trump and Melania’s wedding which seems particularly petty considering she chose to attend that wedding, accept their hospitality, eat their food and offer her good wishes. But the biggest bombshell is her revelation of a sexual assault by a Senator in 2005. 

Abedin says she was asked by the Senator to come to his office for a coffee to take care of some business. When she sat on his office couch (couches are very common in Senate and House offices to facilitate large group meetings), the Senator took off his jacket, sat down next to her and kissed her, “pushing his tongue into [her] mouth” and “pressing [her] back onto the sofa.” She pushed him away immediately and expressed her embarrassment. The Senator (albeit politely) accused her of sending mixed signals and Abedin left the office quickly. She was unable to avoid this Senator in her work with Clinton who she never told of the incident. 

At the time of the offense, Abedin would have been in her twenties. A very young woman in a vulnerable position. It’s more than concerning that now in 2021, Abedin is unwilling to disclose the name of this Senator who wronged her. The event was so bad she felt the need to include it in her memoirs as a defining event of her life. If this predatory Senator was willing to do this to Abedin; how many other twenty-something-year-old women suffered at his gaze? How many girls could Abedin protect today if she was willing to reveal who this man is? Considering her need to call our President Trump and Melania by name because she basically didn’t like their wedding, it’s a little strange that she didn’t feel the need to name names on a much more important event in her life.

Since Abedin found that collaboration with the offending Senator impossible to avoid while working for Clinton, one can assume he’s within the democratic inner circle. I have to wonder if someone in the Clinton organization is protecting this predator and perhaps Abedin doesn’t feel safe to reveal his name because of the Clinton’s history of criminal violence taking care of problems. Otherwise, why would Abedin protect someone who treated her so carelessly? Who probably has treated more women the same way? 

As a refresher, Abedin is the wife of Anthony Weiner who is known for being a disgraced politician and convicted sex offender. While Abedin claims she is “estranged” from her husband, the couple lives in the same building down the hall from each other and they have not filed for divorce.