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BREAKING: Truck Driver Runs Over The Liberal Elite



The big excitement over Virginia’s flip to red and the victory of Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and his even more amazing Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears overshadowed a little heard of but extremely significant race in New Jersey. 

In New Jersey’s 3rd state Senate district, a political unknown named Edward Duur nearly unseated the New Jersey Senate President, democrat Steve Sweeney.

Durr decided to make a bid for office when he was told by the state of New Jersey that it would be “impossible” for him to obtain a concealed carry permit for his legally owned firearms. Durr had no campaign team. No office. No website even. He maintained his own twitter and promised his fellow New Jerseans to look out for them and to lower taxes and uphold the constitution. 

Durr spent a total of $153 on his campaign and as of late November 2nd was winning against the democratic incumbent. Sweeney, who is the longest serving New Jersey State Senator, should be sweating considering that as of November 3rd he only managed to regain an extremely small lead. 

Sweeney is a true progressive who has backed initiatives to ensure the free availability of abortions but limited access to firearms. He has endorsed vaccine and mask mandates and towed the line with every major progressive initiative in the last 20 years. Even if Durr cannot unseat him after the votes are tallied, a message has been sent by the voters of New Jersey. 

If Durr has taught us anything, its that its important to stand up even if you think the effort is small. 

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