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Make Football American Again: Aaron Rodgers Goes Rogue For Freedom



Yes, it’s me here, the Conservative Critic and resident sports ball expert. I’m here to break down the most interesting thing that has happened in football all year which is of course: the vaccination scandal of NFL megastar, Aaron Rodgers. 

Here’s what happened: Apparently, the Green Bay Quarterback tested positive for COVID-19 early in November and wasn’t able to play in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs (this lead to KC winning the game which was a huge boost for the 5-4 team who would have otherwise been in last place instead of tied for last place in their division). 

Turns out that Rodgers is not vaccinated. He cited personal health concerns for his choice to decline the vaccine. This did not sit well with the vax cops aka the mainstream media and liberals generally. Apparently Rodgers did in-person press conferences without a mask which is a violation of NFL COVD-19 protocol for those unvaccinated. OH NO, NOT THE MEDIA!!!!! SAVE THE MEDIA!!!!

Anyway so they’re all mad about it and demanding his sponsors drop him. But State Farm is standing by their man and endorsed his right to believe what he believes. 

Meanwhile, did you know Rodgers is engaged to Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley who is a super progressive who protested the Dakota Pipeline? It’s a weird little world full of unlikely allies. 

The Packers are now still first place in their division after the KC loss. 

This has been: sports ball update with The Conservatice Critic.