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Here Are Just A Few Terrible Things In Biden’s Build Back Better Plan That Just Passed The House



Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan just passed the House with only one Democrat voting against the bill.

As a whole, the thing is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s WAY too expensive, probably purposely, and will lead to even more terrible inflation in our already stressed economy. But the specifics are pretty concerning, too.

Build Back Better includes:

  • Thousands in child tax credits for illegal immigrants.
  • $7.8 BILLION “environmental justice,” whatever that means.
  • $150 BILLION in housing grants for felons convicted of domestic violence
  • $450 MILLION for climate change careers
  • State and local tax (SALT) deductions that will benefit wealthy families in blue states 
  • $2.5 B for “tree equity” (WHAT IS THIS, EVEN?)
  • Taxpayer funded abortions
  • Major subsidies for fake news

And that’s only scratching the surface of the horrors this bill hopes to force on America.

Conservative senators have already pledged to defeat the plan and we can only hope they’re successful.

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