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COLD WINTER: Biden’s Oily Plan To Freeze America



You may have seen that Joe Biden, along with several other countries including our most trusted ally, China (ha), have all joined together to release millions of barrels of oil from our respective crude oil reserves. The U.S. has agreed to release 50 million barrels from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) which is designed to ensure we have the crude oil we need in the event of a true crisis or war where we’d be cut off from oil sources. 

Joe Biden claims that he made this decision in order to flood the oil supply and lower oil prices but instead all industry analysts and even Congressional democrats know that the release of the reserve will actually raise oil prices in the long-run. When SPRs are depleted, OPEC+ (the oil conglomerate in the Middle East and Africa) knows that countries in need of energy have now used their only negotiating chip. Therefore, they’re able to pretty much set any price they want. In fact, oil futures were already up $1 per barrel right after Biden made his announcement on the SPR release. 

Meanwhile, Biden and his administration are continuing to shut off domestic oil pipelines and have even admitted that they’re trying to drive up prices and make it hard for Americans to access affordable energy so that we are forced to switch to cleaner energy sources. 

“Clean energy” is all well and good, but what “clean energy” exactly are we expected to switch to this winter? There is no sustainable clean energy resource which can be spread or stored in America because democrats refuse to allow investment in nuclear energy and currently the bulk majority of electric resources in America are powered by coal or oil.  But Biden and his cronies don’t care if your family can get to work or heat their homes. They don’t even really care about the environment or climate change. They only care about short-term feeding their progressive talking point agenda. 

Oil prices don’t just impact individual family energy needs, they also make the cost of suppliers go through the roof. Not only is the cost of operating manufacturing or growing facilities but also the delivery of goods and the operation of retail stores. 

So thanks to Biden and his energy policy including this last move to release from SPR, this winter your families can be cold and hungry. 

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