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Who is Biden’s pick for censorship czar, Gigi Sohn?




Recently Joe Biden nominated outspoken progressive activist, Gigi Sohn, to join the traditionally less partisan Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC is the powerful independent agency which oversees telecommunication in America including the entire internet. 

You may not have heard Sohn’s name before but you know who she is. Sohn was the Obama era puppet master behind the FCC’s “net neutrality” power grab. If you recall, the FCC presented the notion of “protecting consumers from throttling” as a guise to write a lengthy rule which brought the internet under ancient Title II rules (written when the telephone was invented) which would have allowed the FCC to set prices, control content and monitor user data. Nothing in the rule would have dealt with the issue of “throttling.” The rule was ultimately scrapped under the Trump administration and lo and behold, despite absolutely wild cries by the left, with no “net neutrality” we all have been using more internet bandwidth than ever and have had very limited issues and in fact are rapidly innovating faster speeds. 

Sohn’s nomination is certain to not only bring “net neutrality” aka Title II back to the table but also usher in a new unprecedented era of censorship. Sohn is on the record saying that she doesn’t think Sinclair Broadcast Group is worthy of a broadcasting license and she actively tried to get the conservative news network, OANN, off the air by using her non-profit to publish open letters against the organization and in favor of blanket censorship (which makes OANN President Charles Herring’s endorsement of Sohn all the more baffling to conservative media allies). 

Luckily Republican Senators are standing up against Joe Biden and his censorship czar, at least, for now. 

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