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BREAKING: Is Barack Obama Tricking Kids Into Vaccinations?



According to a 13-year-old boy and his mother, Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in the Los Angeles area coerced students to receive the COVID-19 vaccination without parental consent and told the students not to tell their parents about it. 

Michael Duarte and his mom Maribel are taking public Michael’s account of events that resulted in him coming home with a completed COVID-19 vaccine card. According to Michael, school officials and vaccine administrators lured students to participate with pizza and then after administering the vaccine told students not to tell their parents so that they wouldn’t get in trouble, apparently appealing to the children’s sense of guilt. 

According to Maribel, Michael has medical conditions which may interact with the vaccine and while she is vaccinated herself, she was waiting on her son’s vaccine with good reason and she should have been asked permission before any vaccine was administered. 

This is not the first time liberal-run public schools have vaccinated children without parental consent. In October, a Louisiana mother and son alleged that a Jefferson Parish high school vaccinated the child without the permission of his parents. These events mark a troubling pattern of liberals falling deeper into their cult-like belief in compliance and willing to even potentially harm children in order to serve their vaccine God. It appears to not occur to these “educators” and vaccine administrators that children might have a good reason for abstaining which their parents would know about – not that they should have to have a reason.

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