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MSNBC Wants Lie-Detector Tests To Confirm Loyalty To Biden



This week on MSNBC, one host suggested that everybody who wants to serve in government (specifically, in intelligence) should be required to take a polygraph test to confirm their loyalty to Biden by rejecting all claims of election fraud in 2020.

A former FBI member turned MSNBC contributor on the same segment said not to worry – THAT’S ALREADY HAPPENING.

What is interesting to me is that this narrative is clearly emerging for a reason.

The FBI involvement on January 6th is becoming undeniable.

It looks like several agents helped create a “false flag” event, riling the crowd, and encouraging the wrongdoing that was condemned by everyone in this entire country almost immediately.

Now that everyone knows what they did, they’re attempting to shift the conversation from “the FBI instigated January 6th” to “sure, some FBI agents were involved in January 6th but it was because they personally believed the election was stolen! It wasn’t planned! That’s why we’re now testing their loyalty with lie detector tests. All is well at the FBI.”

Do not let them fool you. Do not forget what is real. The FBI definitely did 1/6.

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