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FACT CHECK: Here’s What We ACTUALLY Know About January 6th



As you know from the relentless newscycle, today is the anniversary of the riot in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

Today Joe Biden referred to the rioters at the Capitol as a “violent mob” and characterized them as an insurgent group with an express plan to overthrow the government. He called the DC metro police and Capitol police “outnumbered” by the group. He described a multitude of crude weapons being used and described a rabid and blood hungry army.

But what are the actual facts of the events of January 6 according to Biden’s own Department of Justice? 

According to the Department of Justice’s prosecutorial research and the fact of their federally heard cases: here are the facts as they stand as of January 1, 2022.

700 individuals were arrested for their participation in the riot and of those 150 have pleaded guilty to their charges and 71 have been convicted and sentenced. 

Of the 71, 64 were convicted of misdemeanors. 30 have received some level of a prison sentence but only seven met the level to qualify for a felony. 

Only three individuals were convicted of a violent charge, assaulting an officer. 

The vast majority of the individuals who have been convicted were charged with a specific charge used for the many Capitol riots which have come before which is “parading or demonstrating” in the U.S. Capitol Grounds. A handful were convicted of misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct or low level crimes such as breaking and entering.  

Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under Joe Biden conducted an investigation and found almost no evidence of an intended insurrection. According to reports, 95% of attendees were not organized in advance seeking to overthrow the government and more insidious plots were limited to a small number. 

Finally, there is video evidence that at least many individuals who entered the building did so with the implied permission of Capitol police who even waved them inside as they held open the doors. 

The factual reality presented by Joe Biden’s own Department of Justice does not seem to match the narrative in his speech or in the speeches of top justices officials, one of whom went on 60 minutes without permission of Attorney General Garland to say that the DOJ would definitely pursue sedition charges – something they have yet to have the evidence to attempt. 

While hundreds of individuals have been charged with violent crimes such as assault or violent disorderly conduct, so far none of the remaining have agreed to a plea bargain and are maintaining their innocence. As of today, the DOJ has not brought forward enough evidence to try and convict those remaining individuals and until that time when America has more factual clarity on who was and was not participating in violent acts at the Capitol, the rhetoric from the left is preemptive and even pejorative to those seeking a fair trial in our justice system. 

Not a single individual from the January 6 riot has been charged with treason, acts of terrorism, sedition, insurrection or any of the other high consequence rhetoric which has been thrown around by the left and media since the event occurred. 

Housekeeping reminder that on January 5, 2021 Free Press Fail expressly advised all Trump Rally attendees to dress warmly and avoid agitators (re: riots). We can dissent to hyperbolizing events and miscarrying justice without condoning destruction and chaos. 

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