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WATCH: Deep State Refuses To Deny That They’re Behind J6



Throughout history, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other intelligence agencies which might fall into the category of “deep state” have been critical to the planning, execution and ultimate destruction associated with every major riot and uprising of note. This is not actually a tin foil hat conspiracy (though I do love those) this is a well documented fact. 

Here are a few important examples like the time the FBI infiltrated the Black Panthers, participated in major violent riots and police conflicts, murdered leadership and took over as actual organizers for the organizations.

Another time the Bureau of Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms (ATF) sold a bunch of guns to the Sinaloa cartel which ultimately resulted in the killing of hundreds of Mexican nationals and several U.S. agents and the Chihuahua State Attorney General in a major shootout. Maybe a shoot out isn’t a “riot” per say but it has a similar vibe. 

In fact, there is pretty considerable academic study that the FBI was borderline invented to keep riots going and violent to make sure that J. Edgar Hoover and the Department of Justice kept getting more and more funding. Riots are good politics for the FBI and deep state generally. 

So the idea that perhaps an organization which has always been deeply political and abused to the detriment of the American people might have played a big part of the riots at the U.S. The Capitol on January 6 is not exactly a stretch. 

Senator Ted Cruz, like so many Americans, had his suspicions and asked whether or not the FBI was involved in the riots directly to the FBI Executive Assistant Director, Jill Sanborn. Sanborn responded essentially that she couldn’t comment. If they weren’t involved then the mission wouldn’t be classified (because it wouldn’t exist) which would mean Sanborn could have answered simply “no” or that she was “not aware.” But instead she simply couldn’t expand. 

So basically her answer was: yes. See below 

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