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BREAKING: President Trump Storms Out Of Interview, Is He FINALLY Done With Fake News???



It seems that President Trump is REALLY over all the fake news.

This week, he reportedly walked out of an interview with NPR when they continued a hostile line of questioning surrounding the January 6th Capitol “riots.”

According to The Hill, here’s what happened:

The network said it had tried to conduct an interview with Trump for six years, but the former president had declined until Tuesday evening. The interview was planned to last 15 minutes, it added. However, Trump reportedly ended it after nine minutes when he was pressed on his claims about the 2020 election and questioned about the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

Throughout the interview, Trump reportedly pushed for his fellow Republicans to support his claims and views that the election in 2020 was rigged.

NPR said it asked Trump about a quote from his former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, shortly after the election. “This is not a fraud case,” Giuliani told a judge at the time.

“It was too early to ask for fraud and to talk about fraud. Rudy said that, because of the fact it was very early with the — because that was obviously at a very, very — that was a long time ago. The things that have found out have more than bore out what people thought and what people felt and what people found,” Trump replied.

Can’t really blame Trump for putting an end to an intentionally unflattering line of questioning meant for an audience that will probably never be sympathetic to the very real accusations of fraud in the 2020 elections.

My question is: why did he even bother interviewing with NPR in the first place?

I hope for the sake of Trump and for America that the former president is FINALLY DONE with fake news.

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