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Was Whoopi’s Antisemitic Moment Actually Just A True Expression of Progressive Values?



Whoopi is an elitist intellectual who fancies herself above the notion of party affiliation but is actually a regurgitation machine for all of the most progressive hogwash the liberals have been pedaling for many years. 

“Whoopi Goldberg” whose real name is Caryn Johnson (not Goldberg which is a Jewish name) openly expressed on national television that she believed the Holocaust was not about race and also extremely incorrect view that it was clear she believed it was common knowledge and not a progressive conspiracy theory invented by the Jew-hating left. 

Whoopi’s idiotic, revisionist view of the Holocaust is not new and has been espoused more and more vocally by progressives since shortly after the conclusion of World War II. National Review compiled a detailed history of this dangerous movement in a piece done in 2019 that is definitely worth a read.

There is an extremely problematic intersection between many popular progressive youth causes and Palestine. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement frequently ends up devolving into pro-palestine or pro-Arab rhetoric and even often has protestors referring to Israel as purveyors of black genocide which is a completely fictional consipriacy theory invented by terrorists to encourage the extermination of jews. Leaders in progressive movements of all kind of referred to Israel as an “apartheid state” which is ironic because in Israel all people can live together equally but in Palestine you’re not legally allowed to be jewish. 

The “white on white” conspiracy theory of the holocaust has been problematically espoused by the fairly mainstream left for a long time. And as the National Review article points out, they often will create a scarecrow that they can hate so that as long as they hate that one bad person they can’t be accused of racism. In all of Trump’s presidency, he was regularly accused of antisemitism despite being factually and inarguably the most pro-Israel, pro-jewish relations president in American history. 

So as we call for Whoopi to be fired since ABC’s parent company has made very clear they fire people for any reference at all to the holocaust (See Gina Carano), remember that it was mainstream progressives who taught Whoopi the racist conspiracy theory that she believed to be an actual historical fact.

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