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BREAKING: Olympic Figure Skating Scandal AGAIN



Looks like the darling of ice skating may not have landed that quad jump without help.

The Olympics are always rife with controversy from doping to citizenship. Figure skating has been one of the most scandal-ridden sports since its inception. Everyone can think of their favorite ice skating scandal from Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan to the French judge and the dual gold medals awarded to Russia and Canada for pairs skating in 2002. 

When you mix Russia, whose prior doping scandal has banished the country from Olympic competition forcing the athletes to compete as the technically unaffiliated Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), and figure skating which is nothing but a series of scandals you’re bound to get one more.

Just minutes before the medal ceremony, the ceremony was canceled citing “legal” issues. The story goes that Kamila Valieva who landed two quad jumps (first woman to do so in Olympic history) leading the ROC to a Team Gold tested positive for doping. Reportedly there was evidence of trimetazidine in her blood which happens to be the same heart stimulant Russia repeatedly has been caught using in their state-sponsored doping program. So far, Valieva has not been suspended and may not be because of her age. At 15, the minor has different standards for first time offending. However, depending on the results of the investigation, Russia will lose their gold medal and Team USA will be awarded first place. 

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