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Best Moments from Super Bowl LVI



It was a big weekend for entertainment with the Super Bowl competing against the Olympics and Valentines Day rom coms. But as it happens every year, millions tuned in to Super Bowl LVI to watch the two best teams in the NFL square off. This year, the Cincinnati Bengals faced off against the Los Angeles Rams.

In case you missed it because you were too busy watching Team USA or that new Netflix series Inventing Anna, here are the top moments so you can still participate in the office water cooler chat. 

  1. The dead even match up

Apparently the two teams have the two youngest coaches to ever match up and also both have quarterbacks who were drafted in the first rounds of their respective drafts. Additionally the teams are the bottom two teams in penalty yards in the NFL. Also they both have animal mascots which maybe isn’t relevant but…it could be!!!!

  1. This year’s Walter Payton Man of the Year played in the Game 

Every year the NFL gives out an award called the Walter Payton Man of the Year for a player’s contributions to their community. This year’s award went to Andrew Whitworth who is a left tackle for the LA Rams and played in the game. 

  1. Odell Beckham Jr. scoring the first touchdown of the game 

Early in the first quarter, Odell Beckham Jr. was the first to put points on the board with an incredible catch he held onto in the end zone despite the defender managing to split his hands. It’s nice to see Beckham be the first to put points on the board since his legacy as a receiver placed the most pressure on his shoulders than perhaps any other player on the field.

  1. The Barbie dreamhouse Rocket Homes commercial 

Starring Anna Kenderick and Barbie, Rocket Homes captures the frustrating housing market with a sense of humor and an offer of help. Definitely the most concise and fun commercial of the first half. 

  1. Nostalgic Half-Time Show 

Nananana, it’s the one and only D-o-double g! It was fun to see Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige and Eminem as well as Kenderick Lamar performing their old school jams

  1. A touchdown 12 seconds after the start of the first half 

The Bengals took the lead with a 75-yard touchdown only 12 seconds into the second half. So they came out with a major bang. Though it was not without controversy…

  1. The major penalty miss resulting on that 75-yard Bengals touchdown 

It’s not a good Super Bowl if there is no controversy. This one was a doozy. Tee Higgins blatantly grabbed his defender’s face mask and threw him away in a clear interference which never got called by officials. It appears they didn’t see the penalty and the Ram’s coach did not challenge. But it’s a tough miss for the Rams.

  1. The change in Rams performance before and after the Odell Beckham Jr. injury

Unfortunately after his touchdown, Odell Beckham Jr. was injured and had to leave the game. The Rams had been relying heavily on a passing game which they were doing successfully but struggled to regain composure in the second half without having much of a running game compared to the Bengals. 

  1. The sacks

Joe Burrow was sacked a lot. I lost count but the experts say 7 times. And back to back. It was tough to look at. The last time a quarterback was sacked as often as Joe Burrow was Super Bowl X which was played in 1976. 

  1. Touchdown Rams within the 2 minute warning 

After overcoming a less than stellar running game and record breaking sacks, the Ram’s came back for a grueling touchdown scored by Cooper Kupp with 1:25 left in game time, taking a narrow 3-point lead. 

  1. The Rams big win at home in their home stadium

Only the second time in franchise history, the Rams take home the Lombardi trophy at home in LA in SoFi stadium.