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BREAKING: Vaccine Mandates Fail in DC



Exactly one month from its inception, the Washington, D.C. vaccine mandate has ended thanks to the hard work of patriot businesses resisting, patriot residents boycotting, powerful organizations protesting, the threat of legal action looming in the air and…..well probably actually the bad polls for President Biden and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s election challenges

The nation’s capital implemented an illegal and immoral segregation policy that only allowed vaccinated individuals to enter most businesses in DC. On top of the vaccine rule, the city was also still requiring masking for all indoor spaces. Both initiatives have been abandoned as of today, February 15 (mask mandates will end March 1). 

It’s clear that the truncated duration of medical segregation was not the original intent of the policy because today was when “phase 2” was supposed to be implemented where patrons had to prove they were “fully vaccinated” and not just in the process (one shot versus two). 

There are mixed reactions and a lot of confusion to the decision in D.C. The city is full of the liberal elite who are horrified that the plebeians who refuse to comply with mandates will be allowed to dine near them. But some businesses who resisted the mandate like Big Board bar and restaurant and others who were struggling welcome the restoration of liberty – though, they’re not totally in the clear yet.

The Washington, D.C. The Restaurant Association in particular applauded the decision and their members are looking forward to operating with flexibility. To be clear: businesses will still be allowed to voluntarily practice medical segregation and masking. But they will no longer be forced. 

Boycotting D.C. businesses was something Free Press Fail and I personally was extremely passionate about and on that personal note we are grateful to all who participated and who protested and worked behind the scenes and in front to end the unlawful segregation policies. As we said in an earlier opinion piece, it is not often we rise to a protest. But this one really mattered.