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TYRANNY ALERT: Washington, DC Is Taking Revenge On This Restaurant For Standing Up To Them



The bar and restaurant, Big Board, in D.C. made headlines when it publicly refused to implement medical segregation in its establishment and would not enforce vaccine mandates. On February 5, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration known as the ABC board revoked Big Board’s liquor license (as is their only power) for refusing to comply – even though checking vaccine cards has absolutely no relevance to the safe distribution of alcohol. 

On Monday February 14, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the city would be immediately rescinding vaccine mandates. However, the ABC Board still voted to continue the suspension of Big Board’s liquor license. Why? Because they can and they’re mad at them. 

While Big Board turned out to be 100% correct that the vaccine mandate was ill-advised and irrelevant to the health and well being of D.C. patrons and Mayor Bowser herself has now publicly agreed with this position, the liberal bureaucrats are pissed that a business had the audacity to refuse to implement a pointless mandate just because “they said so.” So now they’re using any power they have left to make an example of the one who stood up to them the loudest.

You can help Big Board meet their legal fees and stay open through their GoFundMe. 

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