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WOAH! Is Joy Behar Finally Getting It?



This week on one of the worst shows for feminism, The View, long-time host Joy Behar defiantly stated she would wear a mask no matter what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said was the right thing to do. She cited the CDC’s inconsistency and her discomfort with potential germs and viral exposure in crowds as her reasoning to mask up. 

Conservatives were quick to applaud the decision considering how little we care to see her entire face or hear what she has to say, but what’s ironic about her decision is that it’s actually wholly in-line with what conservatives have been fighting for this entire time. 

For years now conservatives have been pointing out that the science at the CDC and NIH, while perhaps ostensibly credible, was responsible for very inconsistent policymaking, did not view governing from a holistic lens, and was systematically shutting down outside scientific opinions. It is the conservative voices who have been resisting the erratic and often illogical recommendations of the government body that so many liberals lauded as absolutely infallible. But now that their precious Gods of science (no other science is science only the government’s science) have told them to do something they don’t want to do, suddenly it’s clear that an organization of politically motivated men might be capable of being unreliable. 

Further, all along it has been conservatives asking for choice. As we are drawing to an interlude in medical tyranny (oh they will be back), liberals are seeming to not understand that conservatives never wanted to stop anyone from choosing to wear masks or get a vaccine (or 5). If Joy Behar wants to wear a mask even though the government told her she doesn’t need to, she should be able to wear one without societal punishment like loss of wages and ability to participate in the public world. Just like if someone does not want to get vaccinated they should be allowed to make that choice. 

Of course, Joy and the other liberals will never come to this conclusion on their own re: agency and liberty allows for all to be happy. What they want is for their choices to be enforced upon everyone and they’ll never realize that in their world precedent it would be possible for someone to force choices on them that they wouldn’t like as much. That common sense doesn’t seem to connect. 

Lucky for Joy, conservatives fought a long battle (some still having to fight) to protect her right to choose to wear a mask. You’re welcome, Joy!

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