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How The left Is Distracting Us All With The Gay Disney Drama



There is a major conservative trend headed by some of my favorite conservative personalities and content creators to cancel your Disney+ subscription/Disney theme park plans in response to their executive’s comments that Disney was actively pushing a “gay agenda.” Specifically, Disney Television Animation executive producer, Latoya Raveneau was recorded in a Disney staff meeting saying that in her show and in her segment of Disney she was pushing “my not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” 

Your outrage at this video, even if totally justified, is exactly what the left wants. The staff meeting at Disney came after the company came under unreasonable fire from leftist protestors because they didn’t actively oppose legislation from the Florida legislature which prohibits sexual education for students in third grade or below in Florida public schools without parental consent. It does not prohibit student discussion of homosexuality or any other topic and does not even prohibit teacher discussion of the topic but requires parental consent and allows for liability if consent is not obtained. Again, this applies to K-3 students. It does not apply to students reaching puberty or exploring their own sexual identities. Liberals are referring to this bill as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill insanely and incorrectly asserting that the bill prohibits even saying the word “gay” at schools. 

There is a reason the left is spotlighting Disney: they don’t want to spotlight liberal teachers unions. They are terrified that the truth of this legislation and their abhorrent and abusive practices toward children will be revealed if we all stop caring if Disney is gay or not. The truth is that liberal teachers in Florida were teaching 6 and 7 year old children about sexuality and even going so far as to tell the kids not to tell their parents. It was gross and wrong. The legislation in Florida is about bringing parents into conversations and disallowing the narrative that our government school systems trump parental rights. It is not suggesting that being gay or trans is wrong or banned in schools. 

But the left knows that if instead, they have us all fighting over how woke Disney is that we won’t poke around into schools across the country. They know that their party just lost the Virginia governor’s seat because of similar practices in schools. The liberal agenda of sexualizing children and exposing them to controversial issues earlier and earlier is dangerous and it caused multiple rapes in the state of Virginia. Which is why they lost. The last thing the left wants is for us to make this conversation about public education, an actual conversation about public education. So they shrewdly have pinned it on a private company with a family mission so there would be enough outrage to suck our energy away from the real problem. 

Our children have the right to be children. They do not need to be confused and scared and worried about issues related to sex or prejudice or fear before they can read. That is the issue. Disney is just a perfectly placed scapegoat to distract you. This is not to say don’t cancel whatever you want to cancel, capitalism is freedom. But don’t let Disney be the villain when the villain is the Party.

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