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WOW! The January 6th Ruling That Is Destroying The Liberal Narrative



How do we charge Americans with trespassing on public property when police officers actually waved them into the building?

Ya can’t. 


We’ve been saying it for months, but finally, a judge agrees! 

The news that the media doesn’t want you to hear this week is that a January 6th defendant, Matthew Martin – you know, one of those rioting, insurrectionist, treasonous pieces of whatever else CNN is calling them – was TOTALLY ACQUITTED by U.S. Circuit Court Judge Trevor McFadden.

Do you know his defense? It was that the Capitol police let him in! Which every mainstream propaganda factory has REPEATEDLY denied since January 6th, 2021.

After over a year of some of the most corrupt media coverage we’ve ever seen, these cases against American patriots are finally falling flat. And THANK GOD! This one case will be a huge help to the hundreds of other Americans pending trial right now for a list of overblown crimes pushed by the DNCs personal police force at the Justice Department.