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Why Does Ilhan Omar Hate Christians This Time? 



 Everyone’s favorite sister wife, Rep. Ilhan Omar, has made herself controversial again by posting a video showing some Christians on a plane singing worship songs out loud and wondering rhetorically if her muslim family would be allowed to sing and pray out loud thereby self-victimizing and criticizing Christianity and Christian culture all in one fell swoop. 

Ironically, actually many airlines and airports do provide accommodations for muslim families to pray and worship when necessary. Particularly during the high holidays (it was a Christian high holiday over the weekend at the time of the flight she was complaining about). Even plane manufacturers build in special areas for Muslim prayer time. And in fact, some global airlines follow strict Muslim rules such as no alcohol or pork and dress codes for women. 

There are no such rules any airline follows which would subjugate women and free choice on behalf of the Christian faith. In fact, in recent years any semblance of Christianity has been scrubbed on airlines.

So to answer Ilhan Omar’s question: her prayer would have been perfectly well accommodated especially over high holidays and she needs to stop thinking she, a sitting member of Congress, is somehow constantly being oppressed. Sorry, you hate Chirstians, Ilhan, join the progressive club.

Final note: I think I speak for all passengers (especially those of us who travel regularly) when I say – PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS ON A NORMAL FLIGHT. On commercial flights, the rule applies to all (Christians, Muslims, and everything else): do not sing out loud at any time or ever play any music out loud in any capacity, thank you. In the case of this crew, however, the reason no one is wearing masks and they’re able to sing with joy to the Lord is that it was not a traditional commercial flight. It was some kind of chartered flight in Europe not even subject to American values or the FAA. So Ilhan is even more of an idiot since of course on a chartered flight her Muslim family absolutely would have had no trouble participating in group prayer. 

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