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BREAKING: Ron DeSantis gets new Presidential endorsement 



Ron DeSantis has received the unofficial endorsement of political commentator and sports entertainment personality, Joe Rogan. 

While speaking with free speech ally and talented actress, Gina Carano, on his podcast the Joe Rogan Experience, Carano asked Rogan who he’d like to see as president in the next cycle. Rogan said Ron DeSantis would make a “good president” and went on to praise all the good work DeSantis has done for Florida and how well he handled the COVID-19 tyrannical takeover pandemic.

Rogan’s podcast is the number one podcast in America and gained national attention when certain liberal entertainers threatened or actually removed their content from platforms who hosted Rogan. Their primary issue with Rogan is the spread of what they call “misinformation” which tends to mean “information not sanctioned by the Party.” 

Rogan has in the past had controversy on the right saying that he thinks it’s time for the party to “move on ” from President Trump and look to new leadership. But Rogan has always shown respect for free speech, open thought and new ideas. 

Whether or not the party and more importantly its people want to “move on” from President Trump (no thanks), Ron DeSantis is a well liked rising star who Trump himself seems pretty close to. Picking him as a strong Presidential candidate is not so imaginative of Rogan but definitely a sign of conservative thought leaders aligning. 

Hopefully endorsements like these will start to limit the delusional and annoying Presidential bids from people like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and Larry Hogan (excuse me while I never stop laughing at that one). Even if President Trump isn’t the next nominee, we still don’t want any of you. 

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