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BREAKING: The New Poll Democrats Hope You Don’t See



When someone leaked the draft decision that would eventually overturn Roe v Wade, Democrats POUNCED. They thought this was their moment to rally their voters, inspire their base, and intimidate conservatives into silence or complicity.

But it seems they missed the mark.

The demand for abortion on demand just isn’t what they thought it was! And a new poll proves it.

A recent study by Harvard/Harris that was conducted AFTER the Supreme Court’s decision shows that most Americans are more in-line with a Republican narrative on abortion than a Democrat one.

When they dug into SPECIFICS of abortion law – instead of the typical “Do you support Roe v Wade” – that became crystal clear.

Here are some of the notable findings:
▪️ Do you support overturning Roe v. Wade. [This is the typical question you see cited on left-wing news]: 45% support, 55% oppose

▪️ Do you support allowing abortion up until the point of birth: 10% support

▪️ Do you support banning abortion after 15 weeks: 72% support

▪️ Do you support banning abortion after 6 weeks: 49% support

▪️ Do you support banning abortion, except for cases of rape and incest: 37% support

▪️ Which institutions should decide on abortion law: States: 44%, Congress: 31%, Supreme Court: 25%

▪️ When asked if the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe would affect how they vote:
36% say it influenced them to vote GOP in midterms
36% say it influenced them to vote Democrat in midterms

So if Democrats think they can turn a pro-life victory into a pro-abortion one in the midterm elections, it seems they’ve got another thing coming. LIFE is the popular opinion.