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BREAKING: Is a Texas church’s Hamilton ripoff illegal? 



A primarily Hispanic serving church in Texas has been putting on a show much like Hamilton but where the characters talk about Jesus Christ. The liberal media has decided that they would become lawyers and accuse this church of acting illegally and of being homphobic (of course). 

The show was ended with a sermon where the pastor listed a myriad of sinful behaviors that people might be struggling with in which Jesus can heal people from and he included “homosexuality” among other issues like use of alcohol or drugs. The pastor of the church outwardly clarified that all are welcome at their church and they do not consider themselves “anti-gay.” For example, the pastor didn’t mention problems with “alcoholism” he said “alcohol” so are they against everyone who drinks any alcohol? Or do they just think people shouldn’t drink too much alcohol but love them anyway?

Despite all their blustering, the Hamilton organization “let” the church perform the show again as long as it wasn’t recorded. More likely, they had no legal authority to ask them to stop the in-person shows. Ministry is given fairly broad allowances on copyright for in-person performances which include ministry (re: the ‘controversial’ sermon at the end). 

While not everyone may agree on their interpretation of sin or even their interpretation of God, the simple compassionate act of believing that their God forgives and heals every person regardless of their sins (real and perceived) does not a homophobe make. In fact, right on their website in their statement of beliefs the church states they believe in the “total sinfulness of man” meaning that they believe we all have the same level of sin that is forgiven by Grace. So while the pastor may have listed homosexuality, technically he believes that all men have the same burden of sin from judgementalness, to jealousy to sloth. 

It comes down to the same old message of the left and the LGBTQ movement. Not only must we all rightly ensure equality for all and let everyone live as they would like, we must all like it and further we must actively advance and promote their choices/identities. How dare someone suggest that they do not approve of someone’s gay life choices even if in that suggestion they indicate their disapproval does not mean the withholding of love or acceptance? Even if in-fact they say quite the opposite? 

Regardless of the merit of the church, whether or not the show was illegal will be sorted by lawyers and probably never revisited by the liberal media now that they’ve waved their “cancel” wand. 

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