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Liberal “fact checkers” are doing mental olympics on this latest COVID study



A study from the New England Journal of Medicine showed that those they studied had no statistically significant difference in duration of contagiousness between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals for those infected with COVID-19. In fact in some cases unvaccinated individuals were contagious for less time than those vaccinated (and the reverse). 

The liberal media is desperately running “fact check” articles to downplay the results. First they downplay the study saying it was a limited sample size. Next they set up a straw man to knock down saying that people are falsely claiming the study proved the unvaccinated have COVID-19 for a shorter period of time than the vaccinated.

In order to dispel the notion that vaccination might be relatively pointless to the spread of COVID-19 at this point, the fact-checkers point out that PCR tests do not measure level of contagiousness. This is news to me considering liberal establishments and the United States Government requiring PCR tests for months to allow entry. 

Ultimately, this relatively small study did display that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons had the same length of COVID-19. Whether or not that information is significant is less important than how desperate the liberal media wanted to discredit it. 

Now let’s see them do a fact-check on the safety of vaccinations for children or hormone blockers for children using the same standards.