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BREAKING: Did Democrat Charlie Crist just tell people to vote for Ron DeSantis? 



This week, Charlie Crist won the democratic Gubernatorial primary in Florida and will advance to the general election against America’s Governor, Ron DeSantis. His message to voters? He doesn’t want their vote. 

In a press conference, Crist told voters that if they support DeSantis he doesn’t want their vote because he doesn’t want voters with “hate in their hearts.” The remark recalls the 2016 Clinton gaffe when she called republican voters the “basket of deplorables.” It’s also pretty ironic to openly hate an entire very large category of Floridians while accusing them of being the hateful ones. 

Twitter was quick to jump on the comment telling Crist that his terms were acceptable. If they like DeSantis – they will keep him. 

And like him they do. In 2022 Governor DeSantis’s approval rating went as high as 58% and is still above 50% which makes him one of the most popular Governors in the country. Governor DeSantis has a plus 8 lead in the polls against Crist in a poll taken by University of North Florida in August. At no point in the primary season did a single democratic candidate crest the popularity of Governor DeSantis. 

On the other hand, Charlie Crist only served one term as Governor back when he was a Republican (he switched parties to independent in 2010 and to liberal 2012), before stepping down due to unpopularity and making room for Governor Rick Scott. He subsequently lost a Senate bid to current Senator Marco Rubio by almost 20%. He then lost the Governor’s race again to Rick Scott in 2014. He finally squeaked out his victory to the House of Representatives in 2017 with only a 4% margin. 

One person who does like Crist is California Governor Gavin Newsome who gave $100,000 of his personal and extensive wealth to try and influence the Government of a state 3,000 miles away to ensure everyone has to live in the same miserable tyrannical failed state as his socialist hellscape, California. 

So there you have it, Floridians. Crist thinks if you like your living situation under DeSantis you should vote for him. If you want a living situation more like California you should vote Crist.

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