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Are We Getting A Gen Z Congressman Already? 



Maxwell Frost won his primary in Florida’s 10th Congressional District and is moving on to the general election. The district which is situated in Orlando is considered solidly democratic (recently having been vacated by a democrat, Val Demings, who is running for Senate against Marco Rubio) and it’s likely Frost will be the victor come November. Maxwell Frost is only 25 years old making him the oldest of the current Generation Z. GASP!

Frost hits all the hallmarks of everything conservative millennials and even liberal Gen Xers sort of hate about Gen Z. He’s a woke activist who loves protesting, attention and victimhood for as many as would like to enjoy it. I can hear the self aggrandizing floor speeches now. “I’m here to stand up for the people!” Right…like everyone else in the building. If we thought Alexandira Ocasio Cortez was annoying, oh boy, just you wait for this Palestine loving, speech interrupting, hero of men in his own mind (and to be fair – the mind of his constituents, clearly). 

It’s easy to knock Frost for his youth because young people are objectively the worst. But if we’re honest with ourselves, young people have always been the worst. Each generation be it “Z” or “Millennials” or “X” or even “Boomers” has brought their own special brand of fresh nonsense to the table. Each typically gets older and wiser and starts to shut up and get real around the age of 30 when they start to comprehend the concept of individual responsibility and freedom. There don’t tend to be generational trends. In political viewpoints in America there tends to be age demographic trends. That means young people tend to start liberal and end up conservative. The circle of political life. Of course, this isn’t true of everyone and it’s not to imply someone as deeply committed as Frost will shift to the right but the point is – being Gen Z is not the only reason Frost will be exhausting (it will not help). 

Frost represents a dramatic shift in the democratic party to open socialism and what I have taken to calling ideological fundamentalism. Liberalism as an extremist religion. He’s the kind who isn’t open to hearing other viewpoints and would assign monstrous qualities to anyone who disagrees. He will encourage censorship and thought compliance across the board. You recognize the existence of biological gender? You’re a bigot who deserves to be silenced. You think Palestine is run by deeply racist pseudo-terrorist groups who will do nothing but spread religious tyranny in the middle east? You’re a racist zionist who deserves to be shunned from society. You think the right to keep and bear arms is expressly granted to the people in the constitution? You’re a murderer who wants kids to die. There’s no “agree to disagree” with Frost or his ilk. Per his poster – “Get on board or get out of our way.” What a philosophy for bringing communities together. 

But the democrats of Orlando have spoken and what they want is self-important youths. Congratulations to Maxwell Frost and to Generation Z. May you at least inspire AOC to embarrass herself trying to appear younger and still relevant with the kids.

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