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WOW! DC Elites Prove They Are The ULTIMATE Hypocrites



This week, the liberal mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser, declared a state of emergency in response to an increasing number of illegal immigrants being bussed to her city from Texas and Arizona.

Perhaps for the first time, Muriel acknowledged a crisis that the Biden administration has left border states to deal with.

At a press conference, the mayor said: “The crisis at the border is not lessening. It’s getting worse.”

That seemed to be the goal of Republican governors who started the bussing efforts to Democrat-run “sanctuary cities” like Washington DC and New York City.

Since this bussing effort began 9,400 illegals have been sent to DC and 9,000 illegals have been sent to NYC.

A DC city councilmember complained this week that “the governors of Texas and Arizona have created this crisis… [and] have turned us into a border town.”

She could use a little perspective.

If DC is upset about 9,400 illegals in the city of 700,000+ maybe they should consider how the tiny border towns with populations of less than 30,000 feel when their cities are overrun by thousands of illegals every week!

Some people are visual learners – so maybe we need to ship in even more illegals to DC so they can truly learn the consequences of their terrible border policies.

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