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Why on earth did Ted Cruz go on The View? 



On Monday afternoon Senator Ted Cruz valiantly strode on a suicide mission to speak to the insufferable liberal harpies women on the daytime clown talk show The View. 

It went exactly as you’d expect. Whoopi lost her mind and while literally yelling at Ted Cruz claimed, hilariously, that the left doesn’t riot and Republicans on Jan 6 crossed a line democrats never would. It’s maybe one of the funnier things she’s ever said and I really loved The Sister Act. The women then literally only tried to get Cruz to say the 2020 election was totally 100% fair which he handled really well but it was more annoying circle talk about why it’s different when a republican challenges an outcome versus Clinton or Abrams.

The audience booed Cruz and protestors disrupted filming badly enough that they had to shut down and go to a commercial break. Gee, I wonder if that was planned. 

So why did he even bother to go on a clearly hostile mission? 

When asked, Cruz said he believed the GOP needed to reach more broadly and stop only preaching to the choir. He said the show was a circus but that it was important to break down the echo chamber their viewers had been experiencing. 

It was certainly a noble cause but oh boy I’m sure he has a headache after all the screeching. 

Later in the day, after being berated and squealed all morning, he attended a game at Yankee stadium and was booed and flipped off by a bunch of people. To be fair: he was dressed to support the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium so that might have been on him. It seems like Ted Cruz is probably ready to head back to sweet sweet Texas. 

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