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Which of the GETTR costume entries are BETTR?



Over Halloween weekend the GETTR team hosted a site-wide costume contest and they received hundreds of entries and some are still rolling in as I write. I went through them all (though I’m sure I missed some great ones) and put together all the best ones. 

GETTR’s Kaelan Dorr and Bobby Levy will be announcing the winners around 9:15 pm ET via live stream  on November 1st so you can check out who took home the top prizes here

In the meantime I combed through the noise and pulled out all the cream of the crop to inspire you for next year. Take a look: 

  1. This Doctor of Archaeology

  1. These spooky sistaaas

  1. This absolutely stunning coven 

Bonus photo because these witchy looks were so pretty:

  1. Wow this guy is so young for a pilot’s license 

  1. This absolutely perfect match 

  1. Dina Sue’s a STAND up comedian 

  1. LOL 

  1. Mia totally nailed Miss Ariana 

  1. This one had me shaking 

  1. This aging kitty 

  1. Not sure if this is a costume per se but BRB crying 

  1. These couple of yee-haws

  1. Not sure how healthy this relationship is but…

  1. [Insert Halo theme music here]

  1. IDK why Snoop is in the shower but I’m here for it 

  1. Chilling 

  1. The Dude Abides

  1. This miscarriage of justice 

19 Speak of the Devil and he shall appear 

20. The commitment here is extraordinary 

21. So pure

22. This one is 1000% my favorite 

23. There is no Dana, only Zuul

24. Awoooooo

25. Ludicrous speed, GO!

26. Watch out she back

27. Love to see President Trump getting involved even though he didn’t wear a costume 

28. 10,000 points for artistry 

29. Where we’re going we don’t need roads (bonus points for one of my all time favorite films)

30. This one of the smartest men I know 

31. ITs the set up for me 

32. Jackie Kennedy looking fabulous as always 

33. This storm is LIT 

34. Classic film education for children  is important and should be rewarded. Love this.

34. This NASCAR fan…

35. This is a great one, innit 

Can’t wait to see who takes home top prize! Will it be one I chose or one I missed? Check out more here. 

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