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Here’s all the *totally legit* reasons to support Ronna McDaniel 



Ronna McDaniel is running again for Chair of the GOP Republican National Committee. She faces multiple challengers including Mike Lindell (of My Pillow fame), Harmeet Dhillon, a prominent attorney and legal advisor to the Trump campaign, and Lee Zeldin the former Congressman of New York.

The 168 national committee members will vote on the new Chair at the end of January. But despite several polls indicating nearly 75% of Republican voters would like to replace Ronna McDaniel (21% weren’t sure, only 6% said she should stay) there are some merits to keeping her on!

Hear me out, here are the top reasons to keep Ronna McDaniel as chair of the Republican National Committee: 

  1. She is Mitt Romney’s niece and nothing says core Republican voter like good ole Mitty 

Mitt Romney is the only Senator in American history to vote to impeach a member of his own political party (President Trump) and if that doesn’t smell of a family in-tune with the American people – I DON’T KNOW WHAT DOES! Also long live Rafalca

  1. She is all about that Private Jet luxe life 

Ronna loves the PJ lifestyle and that is a brand of elegance and luxe that I think all of the small, loyal donors of the RNC intended for her. In the words of Tucker Carlson: “You’re [Ronna] flying on private planes with the money that, like, sweet, terrified Republican voters have sent to you from the middle of the country.” Which I think is an endorsement!!!!! 

  1. She values family 

Ronna bucked RNC establishment policy against nepotism and awarded donor funded contracts to her husband, other family members and friends! She is a brave woman who places family above all! TRUE CONSERVATIVE VALUES!

  1. She’s such a good boss

Despite losing the last Presidential election (fair or otherwise) and significantly  underperforming in the last midterm (fair or otherwise) Ronna does not place blame. She treated her staff to a private box ($30,000) to view the Las Vegas Raiders which included first class airfare and luxury hotel accommodations for RNC senior staffers and their plus-ones for an obviously work related retreat (note: the Raiders weren’t in Las Vegas until 2020). She is so cool though it didn’t stop there. In 2021 and 2022, 30 senior staff members and their families had retreats at the very fancy Salamander Resort and Spa in Virginia costing $260,000. Honestly, what a sweet and caring boss! AMAZING LEADERSHIP! I wish my boss was this generous when I underperform. 

  1. She throws a killer party

While the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is skimping on their events (only $1,000 for flowers last cycle? Losers), Ronna made sure the Republicans looked classy. $750,000 worth of flowers adorned tables at our parties and $80,000 in alcohol. I know that you have to spend money to make money so Ronna is definitely doing that first part really well so that’s probably good enough. Don’t need that second part. Look at those gorgeous floral arrangements!

  1. She is tight with establishment media and big tech

It’s good to have an ally in the media right! The liberal media has spent weeks insisting Ronna has the votes to remain chairperson and what a nice thing for them to do! It’s also odd, because when researching this article I discovered Ronna’s wikipedia page has been allowed to be left biased only telling the Ronna tailored side of the Ronna story, what a nice thing! Also it’s so odd because no matter how hard you search you will not find a single photo of Ronna Romney and her uncle Mitt Romney despite their relation and the fact she worked on his 2012 Presidential campaign. It’s so refreshing to have a good, die-hard Republican backed by the folks at Google. That’s so positive and proves she really ISN’T A POWER HUNGRY ELITIST!!!!!

  1. She is setting us up for the Cinderella story of the century

You can’t have a Cinderella story unless you are first a loser. Look at the Jacksonville Jaguars. Would anyone care if they were in the Playoffs if they hadn’t first spent decades as a spectacularly bad team? No. Ronna may have lost every election she chaired (took over in 2017, lost the House in 2018, lost the incumbent Presidency in 2020, underperformed and didn’t gain the Senate in 2020) but if she didn’t set us up to look like big fat losers then how would it even be fun when we finally do win one? It would just be normal like we were regular winners. It’s like Cool Runnings. The Jamaican team did really badly until they finally crashed dramatically and did not win. It’s like that! INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!

There you have it! Ronna Romney McDaniel is clearly the RNC Chair we all need and deserve! 

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