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HYPOCRISY ALERT: Biden Caught With Classified Info At Home



On Monday afternoon, it was reported that classified documents from the time that President Biden served as Vice President were found at a private office at the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. (Which is a real thing, apparently?)

They were discovered by personal attorneys for Mr. Biden on November 2, just before the midterm elections, but of course, the news is only being released NOW that a conservative Congress is in power and liberal can no longer manipulate the news.

The documents were contained in a folder that was in a box with other unclassified papers. While Biden’s team is quick to turn down the rumors that the documents contain nuclear secrets, it’s unclear what secrets they DO contain. And who exactly had access to them during the time they were not properly stored.

This massive hypocrisy comes after President Biden previously commented on the handling of classified material found in Mar-a-Lago, calling it wildly “irresponsible” to keep those documents at a non-secure location.

It’s also worth noting that the documents in question were removed from a secure location when Biden was VICE PRESIDENT. Vice Presidents do not have the ultimate authority to declassify documents. President’s actually do, which makes any claim against Trump holding “top secret” docs pretty irrelevant.


But don’t worry, no one is planning any raids on any of Biden’s vacation homes just yet.

That only happen to Republicans.

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