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BREAKING: Peter Doocy Breaks KJP’s Brain



Joe Biden apparently left classified documents in not only his “think tank” (mmkay) at University of Pennsylvania but also in his garage next to his luxury car. 

If you recall, when President Trump was accused of improperly storing classified materials, it resulted in a high profile FBI raid of his home where they found absolutely nothing but some empty envelopes and Melania’s unmentionables. At that time Joe Biden said of Trump, “How can anyone be that irresponsible?” 

Of course it’s a little awkward now because Biden himself was “that irresponsible.” 

So of course as a reporter, Peter Doocy asked the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if Joe Biden, per his own words, thinks the mishandling of documents is “irresponsible.” 

Karine rambled into a word salad that was primarily just here saying “seriously” a bunch of times before fleeing the stage.

Here’s a breakdown: 

First Karine calls on Peter – clearly a mistake.

Peter literally just quotes President Joe Biden saying “How can anyone be that irresponsible?” 

This woman sees the irony.

MSNBC’s Kristen Welker seems to think it’s a fair question.

Karine just stares at Peter wordlessly at first. 

This guy moves so we know it’s not just a frozen frame.

Peter restates his question.

Karine says the President takes classified documents seriously…seriously, seriously seriously

Karine says the President was surprised to learn the documents were out there and he’s seriously. 

Karine can’t get into specifics but the president respects and is seriously.

A few more reporters think it’s a pretty valid line of questioning and ask her some more about it.

Karine says BYE

She gone.

Watch the Doocy exchange here or the the briefing here.