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I Watched The NFL Playoffs This Weekend And Here’s The Scoop 



Hello fellow sport fans, I’m Jennifer Zilla the Conservative Critic and I sometimes watch football. This weekend the playoffs were underway for the NFL Championship and I caught definitely/probably some all of the action to see who is going to make it to the Super Bowl.

The major professional sports brands have been riddled in controversy lately over their progressive policies and lots of conservatives have made the decision to enjoy alternative entertainment. However, as the Conservative Critic its my job to drink of the woke media for you and filter out all the propaganda. I’m like a LifeStraw but for TV content. 

So: here are all the top moments from NFL Playoff weekend:

The stellar performance of the unlikely Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jags may not have won their game but they showed their stuff. Last year, Jacksonville was one of the worst teams in football last year with a 3-14 record which was tied with the Texans as the worst team in football. This year, the Jags started out weak and turned their season around with back-to-back come from behind surprise victories including in their Wild Card match-up against the Chargers where they did not lead the game for even one official second but won with a last minute kick. They may not have won but the collective analysis is that: they did show up, and they did not get embarrassed. As they say in North Florida: DUUUUVAL!

The Bengals v Bills Blizzard 

The game was in Buffalo and it was HELLA SNOWING. The theatrical and almost comical downpour of snow on the players made the game feel almost dire. When players fell, they’d slide across the field one time even smacking right into a camera man and knocking him down. The visibility was something like 0 and it’s unbelievable to me that the fans could even really see what was happening from the stands.  The Bengals ultimately claimed victory and you have to ask yourself: Is it because it was so cold and Joe Borough is so hot?

The 49ers v the Cowboys defensive masterclass 

What a match up. The two teams went point for point the entire game with by far the best defensive teams in the entire playoff series. They were tied up with back to back field goals all the way until the fourth quarter when the 49ers finally broke through the defensive line for a rushing touchdown to win the game. 

The Kittle catch 

You have to see the video on this one. 49ers quarterback, Brock Purdy, rockets the ball 40 odd yards to George Kittle who bounces is it off his hands into his face and then firmly into his hands for a fair catch. I don’t know if it’s unbelievable luck or skill but it was incredible. 

Eli Manning’s fearful return to Eagles Stadium in Philadelphia

Eli Manning is not well liked in Philadelphia. As the very successful former quarterback for the nearby rival team, the New York Giants, Manning is a long standing villain of the Eagles field. Manning returned to the scene of his nightmares this weekend to watch the Giants take on the Eagles. He hilariously shared his fear of Philadelphia fans saying he never thought he’d go back to the city but he wanted to support the team. He recalled a tale of being met by children giving him the double middle finger and one of them calling his mother something so vulgar he had to google what it meant and wouldn’t repeat it. 

His fears were well placed as he was mercilessly booed when featured on the jumbo screen for his attendance.

The Eagle dominance…again

Close games are fun to watch but sometimes the sheer magnitude of team dominance is pretty awe inspiring. The Eagles absolutely owned the Giants, bigly. I’m actually going to do a whole separate article just on how funny people are about the Eagles kicking Giant butt. But what’s unbelievable is that the Eagles win 38-7 is the same score they won by on this day 5 years ago.

The Kelce brothers made their parents proud 

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City chiefs was a major part of clinching victory on to the AFC Championship this weekend by being Patrick Mahomes #1 pass receiver (he plays center). Meanwhile his brother Jason Kelce (tight end) worked the Eagles offensive line to a Giant stomping helping his team advance to the NFC Championship. Their mother, Donna, was in Kansas City to watch Travis but she caught Jason’s game on TV. Donna made headlines last year when she traveled 1,200 miles to see both boys play live. She’ll have to choose again this weekend since both her boys won their games. 

Next week the Eagles will play the 49ers in a defensive clash of the Titans and America’s homecoming kings, Patrick Mahomes (KC) and Joe Borough (Cincinnati) will square off to see who ends up at the Super Bowl. But actually let’s just see if they can be as fun as this week.

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