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BREAKING: The Worst Movie Of The Year Is…



Each year on the eve of Oscar night the Razzie Awards are held to honor the worst movies and performances of the year with the Golden Raspberry. The idea of the tongue-and-cheek award is to bring Hollywood down to earth a little and force them into a little bit of light hearted teasing. Of course, some celebrities can take it while others cannot. The Razzies really weeds out the good eggs from the uptight.

Celebrities with a sense of humor who have accepted their award (some attended and others recognized the award in other ways if they couldn’t make it) include: Jamie Dornan, Tom Selleck, Dinesh D’Souza and Dwayne Johnson. 

Those who have actually attended the ceremony include two Oscar winners: Sandra Bullock, and Halle Berry as well as non-Oscar winner, Tom Green.

This year’s nominations did not disappoint. Here are the highlights: 

Tom Hanks is nominated for worst actor in both the lead and supporting categories 

Tom Hanks was nominated as Worst Actor for his part as Gephetto in Pinocchio which he also directed and Worst Supporting Actor for his comically bad, film ruining performance as Tom Parker in Elvis (most critics consider that performance a career worst for Hanks). Notably, he is also nominated along with his horrible prosthetic face in Elvis for Worst Screen Couple. 

Blonde  received the most total nominations with 8 

The film which graphically fictionalized a bunch of sexual assault and rape and abortion on Marilyn Monroe starring Ana DeArmas was not well received by the Razzie voters. Blonde was nominated for Worst Picture, 2 Worst Supporting Actors, 2 Onscreen Couples, Worst Remake/Rip Off/Sequel, Worst Screenplay and Worst Director.

Bingbing Fan got nominated for two movies in the same category 

Fan’s nomination is for both her performances in The 355 and The King’s Daughter. Two really different roles too. A tropey action star versus a CGI mermaid. 

Sylvester Stallone manages another nomination 

Stallone is nominated for Worst Act for his role in Samaritan. He is the most ever awarded actor for the Razzies with 10 wins. He also received the Razzie Redeemer Award which goes to an actor who goes from Golden Raspberry to great performance for his stellar work in Creed in 2016. Stallone is considered the king of the Razzies. He’s the Meryl Streep of the Golden Raspberry.

Great showing for Morbius 

This scene in Morbius was the dumbest of them all.

Check out the whole list here: RAZZ NEWZ – The Razzies! 

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