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BREAKING: Why These Protests Are a Gift That Keeps on Giving



I’ve been watching these Palestine protests with a mixture of frustration and amusement. Sure, some of those college kids can be a real headache, but it’s completely crazy how some of my fellow Republicans are quick to yell “SHOOT THEM!” Talk about jumping the gun.

Let’s be clear: violence should never be condoned, and those who engage in it should face consequences. But advocating for a Kent State redux? That’s just not the answer.

(Now, I’ll admit, there’s a certain charm to the tactic of turning on the sprinklers. It’s a subtle reminder that school property isn’t just for the protesters to occupy as they please. Kudos for the creativity there.)

But here’s the thing: as much as these protests might inconvenience or outrage us, they’re proving to be a much bigger problem for the left than anyone else. Siding with terrorists? Not a good look. And let’s be real, privileged Ivy League kids waving signs they barely understand? Middle America isn’t exactly swooning.

So, go ahead, keep on camping, keep on screaming, keep on making those out-of-touch signs. I’ll even buy you some markers to make some more! Because while I don’t agree with the protests AT ALL, if you want to make it harder for the Dems, be my guest.

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    As for the protests, fire hoses work wonders, probably half of them need a bath anyway. Any that are here on student visas, deport, any American citizens, revoke their citizenship & ship them off to the Middle East. Especially when they take down our Flag & raised another flag & cheered.

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