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Who Is Considered A White House “Correspondent” These Days? 



The White House Correspondents dinner was on April 27 and is perhaps an even more insufferable annual event than the Met Gala and it produces a significantly less fun red carpet. Notably: President Trump is the only president to not attend a single one of these affairs. He called them “boring and negative.” Vice President Kamala Harris’s husband seems to agree.

The dinner has been a tradition in Washington since 1921 and was intended to inspire some good will between the White House Correspondents Association and the President/White House who they are covering. The attendee list more and more is becoming movie stars and celebrities and less and less actual journalists. 

So let’s see just who exactly the White House is calling a “correspondent” these days:  

Chris Pine, movie star, and fictional spaceship Captain

Sophie Bush, newly gay TV star with professional soccer playing girlfriend

Scarlett Johansson, Marvel movie star (technically she was the entertainment’s plus one but still)

Rosario Dawson, former girlfriend of Senator and also Jedi 

Brittany and Jax, reality T.V. stars (and great Americans) 

Fran Drescher, T.V. star and union boss

Molly Ringwald, former movie star, Pretty in Yellow

Questlove, musician and tobefair documentarian

Lorne Michaels, comedy writer, satirist, creator of best Presidential debates in history

Coco Rocha, fashion model 

Rufus Sewell, very british actor

Madison Prewett, losing contestant on The Bachelor

Peter Doocy, “Stupid Son of Bitch” (according to Joe Biden

Journalism is alive, America! 

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