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It’s Morbin Time: The Jan 6 Committee is officially a joke



Morbius memes flooded the comment section of the January 6 hearing’s live stream proving it is being taken exactly as seriously as it should.

On Thursday of last week the Select Committee on January 6 held its first meeting of a series of hearings to fairly lackluster fanfare despite insisting that it be shown during prime time television. But it’s not political! Smearing names isn’t what it’s about! Most credible hearings care about ratings! 

With 17,000 viewers on the Committees YouTube channel (now over 100,000 definitely from all of us checking the Morbius memes), I’m sure their organizers were thrilled…at first. On closer look it was clear that nearly all the viewers were simply there because: Its morbin time!

What is Morbin time and why is it a hilarious troll of the Jan 6 committee? In April of 2022 Sony released to theaters a film starring Jared Leto called Morbius which is essentially about a scientist who becomes a part bat superhero (but not Batman) which no one in the world saw and received terrible reviews. The epic failure became a major internet sensation spurring many jokes such as the use of the phrase “its morbin time” and “morbed.” The joke is that we all pretend to have seen it and make up ridiculous things about what’s in it. 

So the collective internet decided to show the Jan 6 committee that they are ridiculous not by protesting, not by harassing anyone or trying to debate fools. But by simply reminding the world of the great philosophy of Dr. Michale Morbius: The righteous shall be morbed.

Here are some of the best morbin moments: 

Ultimately the committee organizers had to disable chat because they realized all of their interactions were Morbius memes. Consider their hearing: morbed.

If you want to check it out for yourself, just scroll past the first 10 or 20 comments which came later than the live video and you’ll hit the great Morbius uprising. 

I’m glad we’re all taking this committee has seriously as Dr. Michael Morbius takes crime fighting and lasagna Sundays with his Mabius in New Jersey.