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CMON, MAN! Why Is Joe Biden So Obsessed With Interracial Couples In TV Commercials? 



Joe Biden asked one of the most important and salient questions of the modern generation on live TV last night: “When was the last time you saw a biracial couple TV?” He expanded (kind of) to indicate he meant in commercials. 

Joe Biden asked this important question in relation to the outlook of America’s moral integrity during a disastrous appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on June 8. Per usual, through the interview Biden rambled fairly incoherently and made almost no salient points or even any sense. Kimmel, a loyal liberal, valiantly tried to help his mashed up word garbage become meaningful but ultimately failed. 

This isn’t the first time Biden has used the presence of interracial couples in commercials as some bizarre metric of American racial justice. In 2021 at an anniversary memorial service of the Tulsa Massacre, he brought it up. He said that the heavy presence of interracial couples in commercials gave hope to the young black generation that racism is ending! The future is now! The memorial attendees were not amused. 

He repeated the claim despite Kimmel trying to cut him off (points for party loyalty, Kimmel). Of course, Biden cannot make a point with a sharpened stick. So the way he phrased his mind-boggling take was “When was the last time you saw an interracial couple in a tv commercial?” which most English speaking adults would take to mean that he hasn’t seen many examples of that. I suppose – by the context of the 2021 commentary only not by his actual sentence – that he meant there are more and therefore the “younger generation” (so anyone under 100) is much more tolerant than his generation who of course fought in the Civil War. 

The problems with his obsession are nearly boundless. 

First of all, it perpetuates an idea that there is a problem with racism in the United States. While every human society is fallible and has room to grow, America is the least racist and most immigrant friendly country in the world full stop

Second, interracial couples are extremely common in society. It’s actually pretty racist at this point to even notice the existence of an interracial couple. And when it comes to TV advertisements? They make sure every demographic under the sun is covered when they’re selling a product. I think it would be rarer to see a same race couple at this point which I’ve never even thought about because  

Third, he makes no sense ever. He never completed his thought at all and he made it seem like he was saying there are no interracial couples on TV. But really, it seems he (maybe I don’t even know) meant the opposite.

Finally, even the left is uncomfortable with his obsession with biracial couples hawking instant coffee and antidepressants. They think it’s pretty flippant to measure racial justice on Folgers demographic data. Mainly they want to make sure there is never a measure which says America isn’t racist. But still Biden should probably figure out his message.

In the end, we can’t really blame Biden for his shock. Back on the hard streets of Delaware where he went toe to toe with his black frenemy Corn Pop – biracial couples were not very common.* 

*At his country club where they were not allowed.

And further, the only TV Joe Biden gets to watch is his VHS recording of season 4 of Columbo.

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