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BREAKING: Is Biden Trying To Ban Batteries Or Mandate Them??



Joe Biden’s Envious PeePee Agitators Environmental Protection Agency is blocking a legal mining operation in Alaska by circumventing their regulator and claiming that any waste disposal would be a threat to a thriving Sockey Salmon population which is actually grown in a local fishery (not wild). 

Pebble Mine has been in the works for years fighting off the Obama administration and then trying to gear back up under President Trump then COVID and now the Biden administration is after them. The mine is supposed to be extracting gold, copper and molybdenum (a mineral used to create alloys which can be used for many things including electrical conductivity). 

Joe Biden and the collective liberal chorus have been chirping that climate change is the greatest threat to humanity we face today and also of all time ever. They have also (wildly incorrectly) been harping that the best way to combat climate change is to switch over to an electric fleet of vehicles on all our roads. Do you know what all electric vehicles have in common? Batteries. Do you know what all batteries have? Gold, copper and molybdenum (essentially). 

So Joe Biden wants to have his batteries and smoke them in the microwave too. So he wants us all to have batteries in our cars but he doesn’t want those minerals to come from the United States. 

So where would they come from? There are a handful of global minerals producers other than the United States but the big leader would be the Communist Party of China. 

So while a bunch of powerful idiots out there threatening war with China (that would be good for approximately 0 people and potentially destroy the world), our country is doubling down on it’s dependency of the Community Party all because one of Joe Biden’s hands cannot seem to talk to the other one and the EPA continues to be the vegan leather boot of leftist environmental enforcement in America. 

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