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BREAKING: Here’s How Joe Biden Is RUINING Superbowl Sunday



It’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend and what’s more American than gathering around with friends to watch the big game, scarf down hot dogs and beer, and enjoy some delicious snacks?

Oh wait, did someone forget to mention that all those party staples are through the roof now?

Thanks, inflation! Thanks, Joe Biden!

According to the latest Consumer Price Index report, the cost of “food at home” has risen 11.8% compared to one year ago. But let’s dive into the specifics, shall we? Hot dogs, a classic football food, are up 18.2%, beer has increased 8.6%, chicken wings are 10.9% more expensive, and tortilla chips have skyrocketed 22%. And let’s not forget about our beloved snacks, they’re up 11%. But don’t worry, sandwich meat and sodas have also gotten a hefty price increase of 15.1% and 13%, respectively.

And what’s a Super Bowl party without pizza? Unfortunately, that trusty cheap option is no longer reliable. The cost of flour has risen 23.4%, tomatoes are up 9.1%, and cheese has increased 12.8%. So much for a cheap, easy dinner option.

And for those of you planning to watch the game at a bar, don’t expect any relief. The cost of “food away from home” has increased 8.3% compared to one year ago.

Earlier this week at the State of the Union, President Biden told Americans that food prices were “coming down.” But for those of us who buy our own groceries know that’s not the case.

Inflation has made life more expensive for Americans over the past two years and it looks like this year’s Super Bowl parties will be no exception.

So, let’s break out our wallets and hope that the commercials are worth it.