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BREAKING: Are We Going To War??



Oh boy, here we go.

The U.S. military shot down a drone believed to be manufactured by Iran, and that’s probably going to be a problem. And why not? We’re already involved in a war with Russia and Ukraine, we’re apparently under siege from Chinese weather balloons, and our trains can’t seem to stay on the tracks. We also “basically nuked” our own city in Ohio. What’s one more international incident?

The pileup of absolutely struggle in this administration would actually be funny if it wasn’t so damn scary.

We have got to ask ourselves, what the common denominator in all of this? Our incompetent leaders, of course. 

It is a common sentiment now, even with liberals, that the Biden administration’s approach to foreign policy lacks the strength needed to ensure America’s security and stability on the global stage. 

Since his botched withdrawal in Afghanistan, America has been perceived as weak.

It’s no coincidence that our security continues to be a problem as the world learns more of Biden’s total inability to lead.

These military incidences are only the beginning. I fear that much worse is coming. 

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