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BREAKING: Watch Don Lemon Prove Why He’s The Dumbest Man On Television



On CNN This Morning, Don Lemon said  “Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime, sorry” (while twisting in his chair and raising his eyebrows like a high school second string quarterback who moonlights as the school media vice president). Don went on to say that “a woman is considered in her prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe their 40s” and then when the two women who co-anchor the show tried to weigh in on his absolutely ludicrously sexist commentary, he interrupted them and wouldn’t let them say anything. He doubled down over their flabbergasted questioning to say “it’s not according to me” it was in fact according, vaguely, to “Google.” Don Lemon seemed uninterested in the fact that “Google” is not a source of credible information but is merely a search engine which provides access to credible information.

As he obviously became aware that he looked like a complete jerk and also idiot (because as his female co-workers point out, the “prime” he was referring to was related to child bearing not to holding public office) he tried to say “don’t shoot the messenger” as if there was some factual basis to his statement and he wasn’t just a rude moron. 

I don’t even like Nikki Haley as a politician (she’s probably fine as a person, I’ve never met her). I wouldn’t vote for her President of the United States. But at 51 years old, she is one of the youngest people to ever seek the office. Don Lemon was implying that women have different standards of “prime” than their male counterparts because he is a sexist, a jerk and also a dumb dumb. Nikki Haley, 30 years the junior of Joe Biden, is more than qualified to say Joe Biden is past his prime as a thinker and a leader. She was in no way referring to his sexual prime, which Don Lemon appears to believe is relevant to the conversation. 

As CNN’s undeniably dumbest personality, Don Lemon, has repeatedly demonstrated unprofessional behavior which has revealed how immensely stupid he really is over the years of his tenure at the network. 

Just days ago, Lemon came under fire for bursting into fits of childish laughter over a clip played of a Congressional hearing on big tech censorship. The witness read outloud a tweet from Chrissy Teigan which called President Trump a “p*ssy a** b**ch.” Lemon, who claims with a straight face to be a journalist, couldn’t help but laugh either at the insult to President Trump or the swear words themselves. 

In 2020, Lemon came under scrutiny for once again bursting into fits of laughter when his guests were mocking conservatives with fake “hillbilly” southern accents and saying President Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map (his wife is Ukrainian so…). The segment is pretty disturbing. It’s especially problematic because its so clear Don Lemon is fake laughing. So he literally just thinks its cool to pretend something is hysterical when its actually just basic unfunny garbage and definitely not “news.” 

In 2015, the left leaning publication, Slate, even produced a video dedicated to the deeply unprofessional behavior that Don Lemon displays as a regular hallmark of his employment at CNN. This level of shocking behavior led to his demotion from his own show, New Day, to co-anchoring the barely watched morning show. 

CNN has some pretty low standards, but at what point do they fire that human popsicle stick? 

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