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WOW! President Trump Shocks A Crowd, Saying “There Are Two N Words”



President Trump has once again managed to get people talking with his latest comments about the N-word.
But before you jump to conclusions, let me set the record straight – he’s not talking about what you might be thinking.

Trump is referring to NUCLEAR. You know, the one that has the power to wipe out entire cities with the push of a button? The one that we all hope and pray will never be used? Yeah, that one.

Trump’s comment that “you have two N words, neither which should ever be mentioned” may have left some people gasping, but let’s be real – he’s not wrong. Nuclear weapons are devastating, and the thought of using them should make us all shudder.

So, while some may be clutching their pearls and shaking their heads at Trump’s latest statement, let’s focus on the bigger issue at hand. Let’s work towards a world where nuclear weapons are never used, and where we don’t have to worry about any N-words – whether they be nuclear or otherwise – ever again.

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