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Sam Brinton: The Thief That Keeps On Taking Is Our Gift That Keeps On Giving 



Sam Brinton, the “gender fluid” former Biden Administration official who was in charge of nuclear waste materials (who cares if that person is stable right?) is back in the news after a fashion designer spotted her custom garments that were stolen months ago in photographs used in reports on Brinton’s recent luggage theft scandal. 

While this new allegation is bad news for Brinton it’s great news for me who is absolutely delighted in the downfall of one of Joe Biden’s most insipid diversity hires. I can hardly even call Sam Brinton a “liar” because his lies are so ridiculous that they were very obvious to spot. If anything this is a big spectacular reveal of how desperate the LGBT progressive community is for a big ugly sob story to justify the ridiculous notion of mainstream gender fluidity. It’s not that no one is gender fluid, it’s that not many are and we don’t need to restructure society or the English language for it. 

Brinton is facing multiple charges of grand larceny after video surveillance caught him allegedly with stolen luggage of significant value (including contents) from the Minneapolis airport and the Las Vegas airport.  Brinton appeared in his first court appearance for the charges February 15, 2023 and his guilt or innocence is yet to be determined. 

In addition to the fairly damning theft allegations considering the significant video footage and the discovery of the stolen goods on Brinton’s person, many in the LGBT community have called into question his particularly harrowing story of childhood abuse. One of the industry’s most progressive activists, Wayne Beesen who founded and runs Truth Wins Out, who has fought against conversion therapy his whole career and authored books on the subject says that Brinton’s claims that he was electrocuted and stabbed with pins and otherwise horrifically harmed is suspiciously unverifiable and highly unlikely.

When Beesen contacted Brinton to work together to elevate his story, expose the torturers and create awareness against conversion therapy, Brinton refused to provide Beesen with the name or location of the therapist he claims tortured him. No survivor of conversion therapy has ever in almost 30 years denied this basic information to Beesen. Further, that kind of pain association treatment hasn’t been documented in the United States since the 1960s. His editorial on the skepticism of Brinton’s story is jaw dropping. 

Now fashion designer Asya Khasmin thinks Brinton stole her luggage and has been wearing her custom clothing. Khasmin’s luggage was stolen in 2018 and never found. She recently saw reporting on Brinton’s alleged luggage theft and spotted one of her custom, hand sewn, one-of-a-kind garments on his person. She began searching other photos and saw that Brinton had worn different pieces of her missing clothing on several occasions. While Khasmin’s claims have not yet been verified, she has shown photos of her designs on the runway which look to match the outfits she says Brinton stole from her. 

Khasmin has filed a criminal complaint and given her statement to the FBI. It’s almost like it’s important to vet candidates for important jobs and leaders shouldn’t pick them exclusively based on their status as a “victim” or to fill some diversity quota willfully ignoring all signs of trouble. 

Can’t wait to see what else Brinton has in his big closet of lies for us to behold and treasure. 

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