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BREAKING: Have You Seen The Latest Announcement From Trump??



President Donald Trump released a video outlining his trade agenda for 2024 and it is AMAZING. 

In the video, Trump announced that his trade policy would take a “sledgehammer to globalism” and prioritize American interests above all else. See how he plans to do it.

Trump’s trade agenda focuses on reducing America’s reliance on foreign countries and increasing domestic production. He called for an end to “unfair trade practices” and proposed imposing tariffs on countries that manipulate their currencies or engage in intellectual property theft. He also stated that he would prioritize negotiating bilateral trade agreements rather than multilateral ones, which he believes often disadvantage the United States.

The former president emphasized that his trade policy would create jobs and strengthen the American economy. He argued that previous administrations, including his predecessor Barack Obama, had prioritized global interests at the expense of American workers.

Trump’s video was met with both criticism and support.

Globalists hated it.

Americans who love America couldn’t be more excited about it. 

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