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BREAKING: Here Are Some Of The Worst International Women’s Day Virtue Signals



In honor of the worst International Women’s Day ad of 2023, the notorious ad for Hershey featuring a self-proclaimed LGBTQIA++ advocate and known progressive activist who was born male and is now a transwoman; here are the runners up for the worst ideas on honoring women for International Women’s Day: 

Barbie creating dolls of the Wojcicki sisters

The daughters of the highest elite in Academia, these silver spoon babies were born into the entitlement their corporate rise gave to them. 

Susan Wojcicki is the longtime CEO of YouTube who proudly censors political views and even factual information that is other than the allowable narrative of the uniparty. Not sure we need to be teaching girls to aspire to be the media arm of the government boot.

Miller Lite apologizing for being awesome  

Miller Lite’s campaign features them chopping up vintage “sexist” beer ads to make fertilizer to grow hops for new beer. It’s lame because vintage beer ads are pretty funny or mostly fine. A lot of the one’s considered sexist were actually intended to be tongue and cheek. So it’s not so much a celebration of women but an ongoing apology tour for the imperfection of human society and the rise of visual advertising. How fun! 

MilkPep bans all men for the rest of the year

MilkPep is the Dairy lobby and will only feature women in their ads for the rest of the year. Feels like an overcorrect but okay at least it’s women right? Oh no wait their billboard is a cartoon monster woman with green nails coming to (probably) kill everyone in sight. INSPIRING!

Bose is launching a charity for non-binary music producers

The charity is to support female and non-binary music makers. If one is non-binary, one is distinctly not a woman. Not even identifying as a woman. Not very “international women’s day” IMO. Can’t even let women have their own thing.

Can’t wait for more identity politics to go corporate and get weird!  

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