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Top 5 Reasons Every Feminist Should Be Pro-Life



The self-professed “feminists” out there will hate this, but here we go…

Any woman who truly believes in equality and the protection of women’s rights should be pro-life.

Yes, you heard me right. No self-respecting feminist should be pro-abortion and the reasons why are pretty simple.

Here are the Top 5…

1: Abortion is a tool of the patriarchy.

Think about it, who benefits the most from women having abortions? Men, of course. They can have all the fun without taking responsibility for their actions. It allows them to continue to objectify and use women without any consequences. By promoting abortion, you’re only reinforcing the patriarchal narrative that women are nothing more than sexual objects.

2: Abortion hurts women

Contrary to popular belief, abortion is not a harmless procedure. In fact, it can have serious physical and emotional consequences for women. Not only does it end the life of an innocent human being, but it can also lead to complications like infertility, infection, and even death. And let’s not forget about the emotional toll it takes on women. Many women who have had abortions report feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. Is that really the kind of “choice” that feminists should be advocating for?

3: Pro-life values are feminist values

Being pro-life is actually the most feminist thing you can do. Feminists believe in equality for all, right? Well, that includes the unborn. Every human being, regardless of their size or stage of development, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. It’s not just about protecting the rights of women, but also about protecting the rights of the most vulnerable among us. Being pro-life is literally the most feminist thing you can do.

4: Pro-life policies support women and families

Let’s not forget about the practical, policy benefits of being pro-life. Many of us in the pro-life movement who support policies that protect the unborn, also support policies that support women and families. That means things like paid parental leave, access to affordable childcare, and other measures that help women balance work and family life. When we prioritize the needs of families, we create a society that is more supportive of women who have babies and overall that’s way more conducive to gender equality.

And this final reason and maybe it’s the most important one…

5: Abortion is murder.

Let’s face it, no matter how you try to spin it, abortion is the taking of a human life. Every woman, especially every feminist, should be standing up for the most vulnerable and voiceless members of society, including unborn babies. How can you call yourself a champion of women’s rights when you’re advocating for the killing of innocent babies in the womb?

So, don’t let the radical left-wing agenda deceive you into thinking that abortion is somehow empowering to women. In reality, it’s just another way for men – particularly on the left – to maintain their power and control over women. True feminism is about protecting the most vulnerable members of society and promoting the empowerment of women through choices that don’t involve killing our own children.

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