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BREAKING: 5 Republicans Who Are SUPER Mad That DeSantis Doesn’t Want WW3



Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has sparked controversy with his comments about the war between Russia and Ukraine, saying that the United States should not become further entangled in it as it is not in the country’s “vital national interests”.

Now, I’m a Trump 2024 ALL THE WAY kind of girl and I have not wanted to give DeSantis any compliments lately but today, I’ll give Tiny D some credit. Proving I am not THAT petty, he just hasn’t done anything compliment-worthy lately.

DeSantis is absolutely correct in his assessment, and it’s about time that someone who isn’t Trump -or Dr. Rand Paul!- had the courage to say it.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is a territorial dispute, Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and it’s not the responsibility of the United States to intervene in every conflict around the world.

Of course, this opinion is completely in line with how the majority of Americans are feeling about the way. Most conservatives are fed up with funding this conflict!

But the Washington establishment hates “most conservatives.” So they REALLY hate this opinion from Desantis. Especially after they’ve thrown all of their weight behind him to hurt Trump.

The establishment Republicans, in the end, are more interested in appeasing their war-hawk donors than actually doing what’s best for America. Big shock.

Here are the top 5 critics of the popular opinion on Ukraine – which happens to be the one DeSantis is pushing right now.

Marco Rubio

Lil Marco did not like that his home-state governor referred to the Ukraine-Russia conflict as a “territorial dispute.”

He told Hugh Hewitt, “well, it’s not a territorial dispute in the sense that any more than it would be a territorial dispute if the United States decided that it wanted to invade Canada or take over the Bahamas,” Rubio said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt Tuesday. “Just because someone claims something doesn’t mean it belongs to them.”

This is an interesting take that I’ve seen a bunch. Somehow, the war hawks are convinced of the idea that describing this war as a “territorial dispute” is downplaying the issue… apparently, they don’t realize that MOST wars are actually “territorial disputes.” World Wars have started over territorial disputes. It’s not downplaying it to call it what it is.

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey is a huge fan of big war so it’s no surprise that he is pushing back against DeSantis on this.

He didn’t mention DeSantis by name but his immediate comments following the release of the Florida Governor’s statement seem to imply he was less-than-pleased with the opinion.

Graham tweeted:

“If (Russian President Vladimir) Putin loses in Ukraine, then the world resets in all the right ways,” Graham said on Twitter. “If he wins in Ukraine and the west capitulates just like in the past, more conflict is coming.”

Former Representative Liz Cheney

I don’t know who asked this woman but it’s no surprise that she would be 100% wrong in her assessment of the situation.

She claims that anyone who would want to limit (or even track) the foreign aid going to Ukraine is “surrendering to Putin and refusing to defend freedom makes America less safe.”

The truth is that getting involved in another country’s conflict unnecessarily is what makes America less safe, but you cannot tell a Cheney that war is not the answer.

Former Governor Nikki Haley

Nikki was probably most brutal in her response to Meatball. She actually accused him of “copying Trump!”

Tbh, that’s fair. He is. But the man deserves some credit for realizing Trump’s opinion on Ukraine is actually the correct opinion. I wish more politicians would “copy” it!

But Nikki refuses.

Haley gave Tucker an unequivocal “Yes,” on her questionnaire when asked if defending Ukraine was in America’s vital interests.


Senator John Cornyn

John is also missing the point, big time.

When he was asked about what DeSanctus said, he told Politico “I’m disturbed by it.”

Poor guy.

He also made sure to push the establishment’s talking point that “it’s important for us to continue to support Ukrainians for our own security.” (is it tho??)

Now, all of these big-time losers will continue to give their unwanted opinions for the rest of the 2024 primary cycle, and let’s just remember: they want war.

So anytime they criticize Tiny D…

Anytime they criticize DJT…

They are most likely motivated by the very same interests that inspired these out-of-touch, unnecessary, blind-for-war-profiteering, comments. The ACTUAL most effective way to keep America safe is with a strong leader who doesn’t commit billions of dollars and countless troops to every conflict around the world.

President Trump proved that.

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