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BREAKING: 3 Reasons The Restrict Act Is Absolute Trash



Anytime you hear the term “bipartisan coalition,” you should immediately be skeptical. And this bill to ban Tik Tok is no different.

Publicly, they’re promoting the bill – co-sponsored by a who’s who of uniparty swamp creatures like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Joe Manchin, and Kirsten Gillibrand – as a TikTok ban…

But it would give enormous and terrifying new powers to the federal government to punish American citizens and regulate how they communicate with one another.

If you read through the bill, it doesn’t even mention TikTok once!

So here’s 3 big things you should really be afraid of.

  1. It creates an enormous digital surveillance scheme
    The bill gives the Commerce Secretary power to “prioritize evaluation of” your desktop apps, mobile apps, gaming apps, payment apps (like PayPal), AI platforms, and web-based platforms. They even future-proofed this bill, giving it jurisdiction over things like quantum computing, post-quantum cryptography, advanced robotics, and biotechnology. Did you post about election issues in 2020? This bill is coming for you. What are the penalties if you’re swept up in this? You could be fined up to $1,000,000 or imprisoned for not more than 20 years, or both. Yikes!
  2. They’re using it to come after YOU
    This bill is intentionally, overly broad. It authorizes the Secretary of Commerce to review and prohibit certain transactions between persons in the United States and foreign adversaries. But whoa whoa whoa… U.S. citizens are mentioned in the very first line? These “transactions” include any acquisition, importation, transfer, installation, dealing in, or use of any information and communications technology product or service. The broader the language, the more leeway they have to abuse it.
  3. It’s endorsed by the Biden regime
    As if you needed more convincing, this bill was endorsed by the Biden regime – the same ones who created a commission to monitor free speech just last year. Need we say more?

Bottomline: The RESTRICT Act isn’t about banning TikTok; it’s about controlling you. It gives broad powers to the executive branch, with few checks, and will be abused in every way you can imagine.

Don’t be fooled by the bipartisan facade or the promises of national security. The Restrict Act is absolute trash.